Problems with excessive rain and storm water? Does your property suffer from chronic flooding, pooling, wet basements and rivers of rain water during the wet seasons? Does your yard stay wet making it impossible to cut the grass or walk thru your yard without mud everywhere? Poor storm water drainage is the number one reason for wet basements, failed or failing pavement, sunk driveways and patios, and turf disease.

Girard Construction Group is a top ranked storm water solution company in Northeast Ohio. Our storm water systems aren’t guesswork as with most contractors but intelligently designed and executed systems, customized for your specific problem. Both code compliant and building department approved, our company works daily with many City and County Engineers implementing of state of the art storm water systems. Our storm water systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Downspout and lateral systemsstorm water retention control
  • Sump pumps and back-up systems
  • French tile and drainage systems
  • Pavement and turf underdrains
  • Perforated drainage systems and swales
  • Grading and ditch profiling
  • Catch basins and drainage structures
  • Footer tile and pipe cleaning and diagnostics
  • Ditch and culvert enclosure systems
  • Custom concrete baffles and sediment control
  • Detention and retention ponds
  • Riprap and erosion control
  • Storm water connections and tie-ins to public storm water systems
  • Wetland remediation and credits
  • Pond/lake dams, overflow and stand pipe solutions

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