Along with the 24 hour plumbing and sewer services we offer, Girard Construction Group also installs and repairs sewer and septic systems and lines.

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Most people find out they have sewer issues when their sewer line backs up. This unpleasant experience is often times due to an intrusion or blockage in the sewer pipe. Tree roots and debris are common culprits. Sewer pipe cracks and breaks do not allow your sewer line to work properly and cause problems for home and business owners. Sewer issues can often come as an inconvenient surprise; creating loss of use and even displacement from the property, in some cases.

Girard Construction Group has state of the art equipment which allows us to find the issue fast and take the proper corrective measures to get you up and running. Faulty sewer lines can often be repaired and given a line cleaning to ensure proper flow is restored. In some cases, a sewer replacement may be required. Property owners can feel secure in their decision to hire our company, as our years in the industry have given us unparalleled experience.



What do faulty septic pumps, drainage issues and saturated fields all have in common? They are all septic problems, and headaches, for home and business owners. Girard Construction Group not only does septic repairs, we also do septic installation. We are your full-service septic experts.

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Whether your septic issue happens during business hours or on an early Sunday morning, you can rest easy that Girard Construction Group is just a phone call away. We answer the phone 24 hours a day; taking care of all of your sewer and septic needs!