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  • Plumbing

    Do I have to get rid of my old water heater because of the new regulations from the Department of Energy?

    No. The new standards recently announced apply to your next new water heater. For complete details on the new regulations and Energy Factory standards from the DOE, please give us a call at: (216) 245-5579

    While homeowners aren’t required to immediately discard their old water heaters, it helps raise awareness for an important, but often overlooked part of the home plumbing system. If your water heater is 8 to 10 years old or older, it may be a good time to consider upgrading to a more efficient tank or tankless water heater.

    What’s included in a Whole Home Plumbing Inspection? And why do I need one?

    During an inspection by an expert Girard Construction technician, all major plumbing systems are inspected and evaluated. We check all your faucets, toilets, fixtures, connections and water pressure. We inspect your water heater and washing machine. We even check your garbage disposal and sewer clean out.

    By performing this thorough inspection, your Girard Construction technician can identify potential trouble spots before they become big problems. Just like a tune-up on your car or truck, your plumbing systems need periodic preventative maintenance to prevent costly repairs down the road. Call (216) 245-5579 today to schedule your whole home plumbing inspection.

    Foul smell (sewer) outside of house and close garden by front door. What sort of problem could it be?

    There are several reasons a foul odor may be lingering outside your home. Here are a few things to check out. It could be a crack in a sewer line or maybe your septic tank is open. Another thing to look at is, do you have a yard based septic vent? This is a vital piece of plumbing equipment, because they are used to reduce the amount of pressure build up in the drain system. Basically, they help equalize the pressure in the lines.

    My garbage disposal won’t turn on. I ground up a mini salt spoon, got it out, and made sure there wasn’t any of it left in the disposal. I tried to reset the red button on the bottom of the unit. I hear the motor and then it goes off. I tried to hold that red button for a length of time. I tried not holding it. Can you recommend a solution?

    When the reset button on your sink garbage disposal unit does not correct the problem with a garbage disposal, often there is still something stuck in the garbage disposal. Sometimes you will find that the only way to fix the disposal is to take it apart. Most garbage disposals will come apart so that you can get to the blades and the rotating plate. If taking it apart and removing whatever is clogging it doesn’t work, most likely you will need a new garbage disposal.

  • Sewer & Water Line

    Can you tell me what a lateral problem is in regards to the sewer outside? Is that a serious and/or expensive problem?

    Your lateral is your sewer pipe that runs from your home to the city connection or a septic tank. In order to determine the source of your problem, I recommend having your sewer lateral video inspected to see if you have any offset joints, inadequate grade or slope, or complete separations. These repairs can be costly, but you do have options as these repairs can be completed using the trenchless method (pipe bursting) or CIPP (cured in place pipe), aka pipe lining.

    I’m not sure if this a problem but I’ve been noticing that when the dishwasher or washing machine or even when the shower is running, the toilets bubble and act like they are going to overflow when flushed, but they don’t. What could be the problem?

    When you have this kind of reaction with your toilets when an appliance or shower is draining, there could be a partial obstruction in the drain or sewer in your house or apartment. There also could be a partial obstruction in the vent stack that is not keeping the vent from doing its job to maintain atmospheric pressure within the drain waste and vent system. My recommendations are to cable the lines and have the vent stack and building drain video inspected to ensure the integrity of the systems are up to code.

  • Homeowner’s Guide to Septic Systems

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